Issue 5 of Abstract Jam is now available in a variety of formats in the "Current Issue" section!

This issue features short fiction by Michael Robert Liska, Cindy Knoebel, Kristina Trčka-Rodríguez, Charles Joseph Albert, Gareth Clark Mckay, Kurt Hohmann, Kate McBride, SP Hannaway, Elias Lindert, Val Gryphin, Mario Lowther and Rick Ewing. Cover art by "Caitlin Cowman".

As of December 2016, Abstract Jam is on an indefinite hiatus, and is not currently accepting any new submissions, and no further issues of the series are being planned at this time. The website and the Duotrope listing will be updated accordingly should this change.

All previously published issues, plus the most recent issue (issue 5), of Abstract Jam are available in the "Back Issues" section, with links to buy print and Kindle versions, and to download the free PDF editions.

Abstract Jam has existed in its' current form for 15 months, and I would like to thank all contributors of fiction, artwork and (in the early days) poetry, for your input and support! Perhaps we will be back one day!

Best wishes,
Abstract Jam Editor

Listed at Duotrope

Abstract Jam is available to buy in print and on the Kindle at and Abstract Jam is listed at Duotrope, a fantastic resource for authors.