In Issue 1:

We flout rules and regulations
We bond with unsavoury characters
We explore the dark side of fame and fortune
We are accosted by punchy verse
We are left to question right from wrong, intent from mistake
We are presented with moral dilemmas
We are... entertained!

Featuring fiction & poetry by Maree Kimberley, Kyle Hemmings, AJ Kirby, Jason Half-Pillow, William Doreski, Frank Strong, Jack Granath, Morgan K Tanner, Jack Tricarico, Stephen McQuiggan, Daniel Davis, Richard King Perkins II, David Pamment, Tom Pescatore, Ben Nardolilli, Thomas Zimmerman & Jay Helmstutler. Cover art by Anuradha Grover/Artpourri. Edited by Sam Leng.

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